The men’s 50+ race has been moved FROM the Elite Women’s race TO the men’s 40+ race at the upcoming Cedar Hill Road Race. The men’s 60+ race is still combined with the Elite Women’s race. The races will race combined but be scored separately. 

For Men 40+ racers this change means you no longer have your own race as the 50+ will be combined with you.

For Men 50+ racers this change means your race now starts at 10:55a instead of 9:32a, will be 19 laps & 36.1 miles instead of 13 laps & 24.7 miles, and will not be racing combined with the Elite Women nor the 60+ men. 

For Men 60+ racers this change means you are now combined with just the Women P/1/2/3/4. If you prefer to race with the 40+/50+ men then you can simply register to race the 50+ race.

For Women P/1/2/3/4 racers this means you should now be the dominant and largest group in your race and that you get to focus on your race without any of the men’s 50+ getting in the way.

Racers already registered in the affected races & categories have already been notified via email and will be given a full refund including Bikereg fees if they do not accept these changes and no longer want to race.