The Cedar Hill Race Festival started in 2012 as way to raise awareness of and money for the Texas High School Cycling League and the race festival quickly grew into a popular and successful race weekend with a road course that is simultaneously challenging and enjoyable.

In late 2018 the high school league began the process of ceasing operation after several years with only one member high school team and no new interest from other school teams. As a result Armeaux Cycling took over the race festival from 2019 onwards to ensure it’s continued existence as a favorite race in the local cycling community. To retain the scholastic and fundraising nature of the event a portion of each race’s proceeds will be donated to the Jesuit Cycling Team, which was the only remaining league-member school-team at the time the league dissolved. Incidentally the Jesuit Cycling Team also always provided the lion’s share of volunteers every year for the event and is the state’s first and only full varsity high school cycling program.

The Cedar Hill Race Festival was also about a different concept in bicycle racing where different disciplines can gather together on one weekend to celebrate racing.

After not being able to host the race in 2020-2022 due to major road construction at the state park the race return(s/ed) in 2023. We hope to continue growing the race into a premiere regional event drawing racers from around the region and the country.

Armeaux Cycling is a joint effort between wife and husband team of Celeste DesOrmeaux and Andrew Armstrong who are both experienced cyclists, racers, cycling coaches, race directors, and more all in addition to their primary roles as high school teachers. They both also coach the Jesuit Dallas cycling team together along with an increasing stable of amazing assistant coaches. In the summer they can be found in Belgium running a junior development race camp so developing racers from around the world can experience European racing.

For more info contact Andrew Armstrong: Phone: 617-480-6705 E-mail: