In response to requests and interest from several racers we are going to at the least have the 50+ and 60+ women manually separated on the TT, and Road Race results sheets at the 2019 race.

What I mean by that is that at the least I (or my designee) will take the printed results sheet for the full combined 40+ (as listed on the race flyer etc.) and below that (if space allows) or on a separate sheet next to it manually write the separated results pulled out for the women who are 50+ and 60+ respectively in that race.

We will also provide separate medals 3-places deep for each of those 50+ and 60+ grouping (that’s TT, RR, RR)

Please note that these 50+ and 60+ racers will not have any different bib numbers or ways of identifying as other than the 40+ racers in the race without self identifying to each other at the start line. Also please note this will be done manually after the official women’s 40+ results are printed and posted. As such it might take a few extra minutes and we might have to amend them if we miss someone. Also, these will be unofficial as the race director or staff will be doing it and not a USAC official and as it is not a TXBRA Texas Cup recognized category they won’t be a separate TXCUP points category and they likely won’t be posted to USAC since it’s too late to change the flyer BUT know that at the least the results will be noted at the race with medals awarded. It’s a start.

We will then evaluate ahead of next year and strongly & seriously consider explicitly stating the 50+ and 60+ groupings as separate categories within the 40+ race.

Sincerely, -andrew-