We have changed the format and schedule for the mountain bike race so that it is in-line with a traditional USAC/ TMBRA/ DORBA cross country mountain bike race and format.

This means no more waves or qualification and races organized by your USAC racing license category. Cat 1, Cat 2, or Cat 3.

We have also slightly modified some of the start times as well as race distances as outlined below and on our updated bikereg page as well as updated race flyer.

  • Pro / Cat 1 for 12-miles starting at 8:00a
  • Cat 2 for 12-miles starting immediately following (so just after 8:00a)
  • Cat 3 for 8-miles starting at 8:45a
  • Scholastic & Juniors for 8 & 3-5 miles starting at 10:00a
  • Last chance women’s all-5 mountain bike race for 8 miles at 10:00a exclusively for those who are doing the women’s 3/4, 40+, or 5 road race but want to also go for the All-Five challenge.