The road that most of the road race loop uses and that entire section of the park is still closed to the public and has been since the floods of 2015. That section of the state park is shut down and if cyclists ignore the signage & barricades to ride their bikes back there they are VERY likely to get a citation from the State Park Police.

BUT… I was just told this morning (Wed. 17, Jan. ’18) that that area of the park is “very close” to being opened.  So close that it is likely to be open by Sunday, which is when I was thinking of hosting a public pre-ride so everyone can have access to pre-riding the closed sections.  But I was told “lets go ahead and schedule the pre-ride just in case we don’t open by Sunday”  So… the park thinks they’ll have the road race loop open by some time this weekend the 20th and 21st but just in case we have arranged permission for a special pre-ride of the road race course.  If the park doesn’t get the road race loop open within the next 7-12 days then this will be the only way to pre-ride the road race loop.

Sunday, January 21st from 2:00pm – 4:30pm cyclists will be allowed to pre-ride the race loop.

You must park where we usually have registration & check-in. Just after the park entrance to the left. You are NOT authorized to drive vehicles into the closed section of the park, only bicycles and ONLY during this special pre-ride window.  *All park entrants must pay the park entrance fee.