The following are the people known to us to be attempting to finish all 5 races at the 2018 Cedar Hill Race Festival.  This is already the most people to attempt the challenge since its inception, will you take the challenge, too?  Good luck to all of our athletes attempting the all-5-finisher challenge!

  • Noah Holben (Jesuit Dallas) Scholastic
  • Cristobal De Oyarzabal (Jesuit Dallas) Scholastic
  • Jackson Eaker (Matrix/RBM) Scholastic DNF in Saturday’s RR
  • Will Mabus (Matrix/RBM) Scholastic
  • Braxton Boyer (Dallas Racing) Junior Boys 9-14
  • Ben Sewell (King Racing Group) Men 50+ DNF in Cross Race (flat tire) DNS in Mtb Race
  • Hugo Scala Sr. (Matrix/RBM) Men 50+
  • Diane Nestande (FCS|Visit Dallas DNA Cycling Regional Team p/b JobDox) Women Cat 5 ¿DNS or DNF in Cross Race?
  • Traci Gibson (Colonel’s) Women 40+ 3/4/5
  • Stephen Lohr (Playtri Racing Team) Men 4/5 & 40+ in short track/cross


If you plan to take on the All 5-Finisher Challenge and aren’t listed above then give us a shout to let us know so that we can add your name to the list and keep an eye on your progress throughout the weekend.