This year team tents and shop set-ups etc. can only be put up in designated, approved areas.  Any tent or set-up in our designated, restricted areas will require payment of a fee.  Any tent or set-up larger than a 10′ x 10′ pop-up tent will also require paying a fee.

This is to protect the event in several aspects.

  • The park requires us to get pre-approval for all banners, flags, or promotional displays.  We want to ensure we keep our good relationship
  • By moving the mtb Short Track CX to the same area as the RR parking & start/finish space will be at a premium Saturday afternoon both in the parking lot and surrounding grassy areas.
  • We need to ensure we have the grass space needed to build the short track CX course when it comes time to dial that in Saturday morning and mid-day.
  • We want to protect our relationships with sponsors who paid good money to be part of this event.  If you want to get promotional benefit from the event then join us as a sponsor and partner

Fee structure if setting-up in reserved, prime location tent areas as outlined at the link below:

+ Free if 10′ x 10′ or smaller and located in the parking lot taking up no-more-space than a single parking space or placed in a grass parking lot island.
+ $25 for 10′ x 10′ team or personal tent/ set-ups.
+ $125 for shops, companies, industry, etc. set-ups & displays up to ~10′ x 20′ in size.
+ Free for event sponsors.

Make your reservation/purchase at:
Here is a link to a detailed map outlining the RR parking lot and start/finish area including all the team tent areas, parking areas, mtb short track/ CX areas, etc.

  • The purple areas are set aside exclusively for paid team tents.
  • The green areas (grass islands in the parking lot) are up for grabs for team tents and small set-ups for free. Basically a single 10 x 10 and related set-ups. (if doing multiples, a notably bigger, or exclusively promo set-up then it will cost)
  • Team tents can also be set-up in the parking lot but they must be in a designated parking space and must not take up more space than a single, normal sized, parking space. (10′ x 10′ limit)

Team tent purchases/ reservations can be made at the bottom of all the race registration options and before the merchandise at: