Mountain Bike Cross Country Race
$1,000 Cash Purse! 

Above prize purse and below schedule from 2019 race

Start Time Category Early/ Advance/ DAY- of Prizes Field Min./Max per start group Distance:Laps / Miles
8:00am Pro/ Cat 1 $35/40/50 $830


across age & genders

5 / 20 1/ 12
8:00am Cat 2 $35/40/50 Medals 3-deep 5 / 20 1/ 8
8:45am Cat 3 $35/40/50 Medals 3-deep 5 / 20 1/ 8
10:00am Scholastic Open / Junior 9-14 boys &

Junior 9-14 girls

$20/25/30 Medals 3-deep 5 / 20 1/ 8

1/ 3-5 miles for 9-14

Bonus Payout in addition to pro/cat 1 payouts: $170 split among top 3 women

Now with better course marking & marshals for 2019! Race is either one full 12-mile (cat 1 & 2) or 8-mile (cat 3 & scholastic) lap of the undulating Cedar Hill State Park Mountain Bike Trail. The race is now back to a more familiar DORBA / TMBRA style format and with the aid of several experienced local mountain bike race organizers. DAY-OF Registration NOW AVAIALBLE for the mountain bike race! FIELD SIZES: Min./Max field size per start: 5 & 20. Promoter may combine fields to meet field mins. Min. MTB entries req’d for full payout is 50 race entries: 25-49 entries = max reduction of 50% of full payout; 1-24 entries = max reduction of 75% of full payout.

Awards at MTB start/finish after each race.

Parking Info

Please stop at number pick-up and check-in immediately after entering the park.  After passing the park entrance gate where you pay your park entry fee you will need to go to the parking lot to your left and park there temporarily. This is where you will check-in and get your race number etc.  Then you will need to drive your car 2-3 miles further south by taking a left on the main park spine road.  At the top of a hill when the paved road takes a hard curve to the right you will drive straight onto a dirt road. Keep going into the field until you see the MTB staging and parking.

Course Info

Please see the embedded/linked Strava segment to access a map and profile of the approximate course.  While this won’t be the exact Mountain Bike course because we will use a different staging, start, and finish than is shown in this segment and they re-worked parts of the trail repairing it from the 2015 and 2018 flood damage it will be mostly the same.  This is a segment of the full 12-mile loop the race uses so this is as close to  map as you are going to get.  We’ll use the same staging and start/finish as previous years and the same as the DORBA races at Cedar Hill in recent years.