Time Schedule 

Start TimeCategoryPre-Reg OnlyDistance
8 – 11aWomen p/1/2/3/4; & men 60+$15~ 1 mile
8 – 11aMen 40+ & Men50+$15~ 1 mile
8 – 11aMen 4/5$15~ 1 mile
8 – 11aMen P/1/2/3$15~ 1 mile
8 – 11aMen 3/4$15~ 1 mile
8 – 11aWomen 3/4; W 40+ 3/4/5; W 50+; W 60+; W 5$15~ 1 mile
8 – 11aJunior Open /

Junior 9-14 boys 4/5 & 9-14 girls

$15~ 1 mile
8 – 11aMTB/Recumbent/Uni-cycle/Hand-cycle etc.$15~ 1 mile

TT is Pre-Reg ONLY

Parking Info:

Hill Climb Time Trial parking will be in the South Boat Ramp parking lot. This is 2-3 miles away from the State Park entrance, registration, and the road race. It is also riding distance from those areas but plan on a hilly 3 miles, a good warm-up. Upon entry into the State Park please park temporarily in the lot to your left to check-in and pick-up your race numbers etc. Then please follow signs and instructions to drive the 3-miles to the South Boat Ramp parking lot. When leaving the registration parking lot take a left to head south and follow that road all the way until you see the south boat ramp/cross course venue. From this parking lot the Time Trial start will be about .5 – 1 mile away. When en route to the TT parking lot at the southern most part of your drive you will come to the top of a hill with a very sharp curve in the paved road turning to the right. There will also be a dirt roads heading straight and a sub-par paved road to the left but to get to the TT parking follow the curve in the paved road turning right. The parking lot will be the next lot on your right. To get to the TT start line you will then ride back to that curve and go down the sub-par paved road until you get to the start line. Don’t worry though, the TT pavement is better than what you’ll find on the road leading to the start. ALL TT participants MUST enter the main entrance of the state park. There is absolutely NO parking outside the park or along the TT course.

Course Info

The race starts just outside the park’s back gate with staging inside the gate area and the finish will be at the top of the hill just before Mobley Rd. During the TT the roads will remain open to traffic so use caution. Before you panic, this stretch of West Belt Line Rd. is a dead-end, off-shoot of the main Belt Line you probably know and this stretch is used only to accesses a few, small 1-2 street neighborhoods. The TT is between .8 and .9 tenths of a mile. It will start out almost flat with a very gradual incline and it will continue to pitch up until the steepest gradient near the end. The average gradient is about a 5% incline with a maximum gradient of about 12%. Total elevation gain over the .8-.9 miles is about 234-253 feet.

Course Segment & Profile: