The Cycling Center Dallas is offering specialized Cedar Hill Race Pre Ride training sessions utilizing a custom-made ErgVideo at their cycling studio in Richardson at Coit & Campbell right next to Bike Mart.

In these classes athletes use their own bike on a CmpuTrainer and ride the Sunday Cedar Hill Road Race course while watching an “in race” helmet cam video from a previous year’s 40+ race on the computer screen mounted directly in front of the athlete. The CompuTrainer then automatically adjusts the resistance according to the terrain and race conditions in the video in real time so that it is truly a simulation race experience in terms of the physical effort and visual experience.

Classes are every Monday – Thursday at 5:00pm for $30 only at the Cycling Center Dallas

I did it last week and look forward to doing it again as it was a good workout and nice race simulation.

Obviously this is not the same as getting out there and riding the roads, which you can ONLY do with us on January 22nd from 1 to 5 BUT this is a good option for those who may not be able to make that pre-ride or those who want to get a simulated race experience while training for the repeated efforts up the hill and around the curves.